Constitutional State Challenge Competition!!!!!

Latin Fiesta is proud to announce amazing results of our students at the annual Constitutional State Challenge Competition!!!!!
Khersonskaya Marta & Gan Michael
New Comers International Latin – 1st in ALL DANCES
Arkhangelskiy Michael & Slavin Rebecca
International  Cha Cha, 
Closed  Silver
4th  Place
International Samba, Closed Silver – 3rd Place
International Rumba, Closed Silver – 4th Place
Jive, Closed Silver – 4th Place
International Cha Cha, Open Silver – 5th Place
International Samba, Open Silver – 4th Place
International Rumba, Open Silver – 4th Place
Jive, Open Silver – 5th Place
Paul Kyle & Bonalarchuk Anastasia
International Cha Cha, Open Bronze – 2nd Place
International Samba, Open Bronze – 1st Place
International Rumba, Open Bronze – 1st Place
Jive, Open Bronze – 1st Place
International Latin, Closed Silver – 1st in ALL DANCES
We would like to congratulate our dancers, their trainers and parents on the great results!!!Well done!!!!
Pictures will follow very soon!  

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