If you either wish your child to become a dance star or would like to experience the dance moves yourself, Latin Fiesta Studio is the place for you. Situated in a well-populated area in Brooklyn, the studio can be easily reached by car or any other preferable public transport (see instructions in “How to find us” rubric).

Being founded by its mastermind and director Alla 11 years ago, the studio accounts numerous members who became valuable part of Latin Fiesta “dancing family”. Kids from 4 years old up to their parents, all are very welcome to join the according classes and spread the joy of dance. The dances of Latin and Standard international program are being taught in groups as well as on personal basis.

The studio is being lead by 3 professional instructors, who have danced and taught dancing on the highest international level since decades. The studio operates every day and offers 8 different group lesson varieties including adult classes split up to the level of the dancers (see “Schedule” rubric for details). In addition to group options, the studio offers possibilities to book private lessons for one or two dancers with either one or more instructors.
Latin Fiesta is also very proud of its pleasurable history of designing amazing and unforgettable dance choreographies and more for wedding couples. Our instructors are able to choose the perfect music and dance routine to make your day unforgettable. For these offers, please check the “Wedding Specials” rubric.

So don’t wait and check the best suitable training options. We cannot wait to see you in one of our classes!


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